Creating Microservices in .Net Core with MicroBootstrap Library

Microservices May 15, 2021


MicroBoostrap project is an open source framework in order to develop a microservices project in the fastest and easiest way with many features like handling CQRS, DDD, Dispatching, Messaging, Distributed Tracing, Logging, Authentication, Load Balancing, Monitoring …

The purpose of this project is integrating all we need for creating a Microservices application from scratch in a single library as a cross-cutting concern and use this library in all of our microservice projects without any concern about infrastructure pieces and focus only on our business. This project is active, and we will add new feature over time.

How to use?

For installing this library on your microservice project and get rid of any annoying configuration and implement infrastructural stuff for microservice purpose, you can use the Nuget easily like this:

dotnet add package MicroBootstrap

For learning and practicing more you can use the sample project on the GitHub repository in this link.

In the future, I will create a series post about microservices and explain different parts of a microservices project from scratch and in this series I will use this package as our infrastructure of our microservices sample.

I will back with this series soon :)

Keep Coding.


Mehdi Hadeli

I’m a software engineer with +10 years of experience in developing and designing distributed applications built on top of cutting-edge technologies with interest in Microservices, DDD.

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